Plague Hearts

Dealing with Plague Hearts

There are many ways to kill a plague heart.

Being a new player in State of Decay 2 and having to deal with plague hearts alone can sometimes feel a bit challenging.

Before charging ahead, there are a few things you should know that could save a life or two.

We suggest that you deal with plague hearts during day time.
When a plague heart takes damage, it will send out a pulse that will alert zombies nearby drawing them closer to you.
When destroying a plague heart blood plague zombies that surround you will die instantly; juggernauts, ferals and regular zombies won’t.

Plague hearts contain good rewards.
If you want extra help recruit a neutral/friendly/allied enclave member. This will cost you some influence points which will be better than loosing a community member if things go wrong.
Always stay close to your vehicle and have a spare repair kit as well as a can of fuel in the trunk.
You can get rid of a plague heart by using a melee weapon, but it takes very long.

Method 1

Gear up with a gun that has full power along with a few stacks of ammo. Attachments can boost a gun’s damage/power, so we recommend attaching a mod onto your gun to make things a lot easier. Grab a car that’s easy to climb up on.
Drive around the building where the plague heart is located. Look for a window that gives you line of sight for the plague heart. Climb on top of the car so you don’t have to deal with the plague zombies or any feral that decides to join the party, start shooting the plague heart through the window until it explodes.

.50 cal weapons could finish the job within 2 to 4 shots.
The Pyro Launcher is very effective against plague hearts.
Crossbows bolts can be picked-up and re-used which makes them great for saving on ammo.
G18 Auto Custom with Advance Brake mod has full Power and full Fire Rate.

Method 2

Using explosives are also a good way of dealing with plague hearts, and is quite fun. 

Bring along some firecrackers and throw them just outside the building that contains the plague heart, then head inside and start bombarding the plague heart with explosives.

Soda Can and Pipe bombs can also be used to destroy plague hearts and is already available at a Level 1 workshop.
Throwing molotov and incendiary bombs, sometimes the left over flames finishes the plague heart off.

Method 3

The hardest part of this method is to get hold of C4 Charges/Remote Mines.

One can use scent blocker or you can sneak in and go straight to the plague heart. Plant C4 Charges or chuck down a few Remote Mines and the Plague Heart will be forgotten.

Placing two to three C4 Charges at the same time deals equivalent damage than if they were detonated individually.
Stealth has been improved in recent game updates to such a point that a horde can be eliminated by using stealth alone.
Knowledge of Munitions and Electronics is required in order to craft C4 Charges from a level 3 Workshop.
Knowledge of Programming is required to craft Remote Box Mines from a level 3 Workshop.

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