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Drucker County
Meagher Valley
Providence Ridge
Trumbull Valley

Survivor Skills

Each survivor has a set of four core/main skills that can be focused into one of four different specializations.

Main Skill List

Each survivor has a fifth skill that is unique to them or that contibutes to the community.

Community Skill ListUnique Skill List

Survivor Traits

Each survivor has traits that determine their personality.

Traits can have a positive or a negative effects on your community.

Don't hessitate to exile a survivor for having negative effect on your community.

Trait ListHero Bonus List

Base Facilities

Detailed list of facilities along with relevant upgrades,
actions and benefits.

Legacy Boons

Beat the game with every leader type to unlock all legacy boons such as Builder, Sheriff, Warlord and Trader. Each difficulty level has their own boons to unlock. Unlocking a Boon will also unlock lower difficulty Boons of the same catagory.

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